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It’s Movember – that time of year when manly men stand up to be counted, when maidens quiver & mere mortals hide in the shadows

It’s a time when a mans impressive & cultivated facial hair says – here is someone of substance, a force to be reckoned with, a sensitive yet tortured soul who will stop at nothing for an ice cold beer, a steak sandwich and some nonsense about thwarting an evil empire.

Its also a time when these monuments to manhood get in touch with their Testicles and by this I mean raise some funds & awareness for testicular cancer (add more evil empire type language)

It is also a time to celebrate the Amber Nectar– its youth giving properties, its ability to neutralize all fat intake and to transform all manner of beasts into things of beauty ­- such are the scope of its magical powers.

To this end we will be gathering to celebrate and raise funds for Movember as well as to launch the Kitchen Cowboys Black River Ale.

When:Thursday 24th November

What time: 17h30 – 22h00

Where: Kitchen Cowboys Canteen

20 Brickfield Rd, Woodstock

Cost: R100 per head

Bookings:, 021 448 2433 or 083 600 1992

We will provide our legendary Steak & BBQ Pork Belly Sandwiches.

All proceeds from beer and wine sold on the evening will be donated to CANSA.

There will be some fabulous auction items including a 20 man Newlands Brewery Tour & Tasting as well as a one-night Kitchen Cowboy cooking session for 8 people – the proceeds of which will also go to  the charity.

There will also be a special prize for the best MO on display!

Book Now! to avoid bitter disappointment – did you see what I did there – bitter, ale, beer  – oh never mind – just book or you’ll be sorry!


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More Meat Mondays

There’s nothing more satisfying than slapping a thick slab of meat onto a red-hot grill. No other cooking method comes close – that sizzling sound, that instant whiff of charred juices, that perfumed smoke rising up to whet the appetite.

But there is more to braaing than meets the eye – how a man behaves in front of a fire speaks to his character, to his work ethic and his relationship with other men – you are what you braai.

Kitchen Cowboys & Jan Braai  invite you to join us for More Meat Mondays where we will crank it up a notch in the lead up to National Braai Day on 24th September

When:  12 & 19 September

Where: Kitchen Cowboys, 20 Brickfield Rd, Woodstock

How much: R650

What will we be cooking every night:

Milk Stout chicken, beer & corn bread

Hangar steak, shallots & mustard sauce

Rack of lamb, cous cous & harissa

Grilled line fish, marinated fennel, sauce vierge

Pork belly, pickled cabbage, new potato & bacon salad


Bookings: or 021 448 2433

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Kitchen Cowboys Canteen Winter Workshops

A series of seven fabulous fun filled fixtures for the amorous amateur, the garagiste gourmet, the ebullient epicure & the darn right hungry

Each evening is individually priced so attend the ones that tickle your fancy or plum for the entire series and let the chips fall where they may.

Due to a recent ruling in the Supreme Court for Gender Equality & Toilet Seat Lowering we are now statutory required to throw open these courses to all & sundry – we do still however reserve the right to exclude all floor crossers, cross dressers, embalmers, embargo breakers, break dancers, freelancers, freeloaders, load shedders, bed wetters & encyclopedia salesmen.

Weds 15 JuneBraai (R650)

We know everyone’s already an expert – but we’ll delve into larger cuts, smoking, seasoning, resting, accompaniments & the best homemade BBQ sauce this side of the Limpopo.

Weds 22 JuneNorth Indian (R650)

If you don’t know your poppadom from your paratha, your bhuna from your bhaaji and your arse from your asafoetida then North Indian is the evening for you

Weds 29 & Thurs 30 JuneButchery (R1200)

If the terms grass fed, dry aged, on the bone, marbled, trussed & well hung get you all aquiver then this two part meat extravaganza is a must.

Weds 6 JulyFish with a Future (R750)

Sustainable alternatives – finding, identifying, buying, filleting, cooking & garnishing – from source to sauce. The future is in your shopping basket!

Weds 27 JulyFood & Wine (R650)

The do’s & don’ts laid bare and all the crap in between. Boela Gerber, of Groot Constantia fame will pour and talk while we cook and experiment.

Weds 10 AugustBeer & Food (R650)

Beer is the new black – the amber nectar, it’s made with passion & commitment and master brewer Denis da Silva will take us through the intricacies while we venture further than sausages & mustard.

Book now to avoid disappointment, penis envy & water retention.

Preferential rates for the entire series & for Kitchen Cowboys Alumni

All workshops will take place at the Kitchen Cowboys Canteen

20 – 22 Brickfield, Woodstock

Tel: 021 448 2433


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I know, I know it’s a month late and most people have already caved in on their resolutions but here are some food resolutions that aren’t about denial or unsustainable life changes just a few things to try as you go about your merry way in 2011.

This year I want you to break some new ground, don’t be so fucking squeamish, lets have some fun and adventure with our food. In the coming months I demand that you free yourselves from your mother’s apron and partake of some of the following:

1. Cook naked for your partner/date. Remember to wear an apron when removing stuff from the oven; you don’t want to accidentally burn the dessert.

2. Eat your steak rare and try something other than fillet.

3. Have a vegetarian meal.

4. Try wine from estates you haven’t heard of.

5. Order the hottest curry in the place (vindaloo or phal).

6. Buy free-range chicken.

7. Go to a top-notch restaurant & push the boat out – drink some fabulous wine, eat the most expensive gear on the menu, spend between R800 –R1000 and appreciate it for what it is.

8. Eat fish on the day that it was caught and never buy frozen shite again.

9. Have a glass of dessert wine with your pudding.

10. Seek out organic produce; ask for it in your supermarket.

11. Taste your food before putting salt on it.

12. Eat anchovies

13. Try something on the menu you’ve never eaten before.

14. Send food back if it’s crap.

15. Try unsalted butter.

16. Eat some good, ripe (preferably local) cheese.

17. Tip at least 10%, more if the service warrants it.

18. Try tuna rare, you won’t be disappointed.

19. Buy the chef a beer if you’ve had a good meal.

Come on it’s not too much to ask, give it a whirl and let me know how it turns out – who dares, wins.

May the sauce be with you


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Kitchen Cowboys throw down the gauntlet for Movember

As of next week Movember will be upon us and this year the Kitchen Cowboys will be showing their testicles the love & care they deserve. We are sending out a call to all Cowboys to register on the Movember site ( and join us in growin’ a Mo of note next month and to help us raise some much needed cash for CANSA to put towards their men’s awareness programme.

We have just spend all of October supporting our sisters during Breast Awareness Month – we like to help wherever we can!

We are going to to have 2 fundraising events during Movember and the Kitchen Cowboy code requires you to haal uit en wys – your wallet, not your testicles.

There are 3 important dates to remember and they are as follows:

Weds 17 Movember – Bafana Bafana are playing USA at the Cape Stadium (kick off 21h30) we will be organising a few beverages & snacks before the game at a venue within walking distance – venue details will be revealed nearer the event

Tues 30 Movember – we will we hold a Wine, Dine & Donate evening at Kitchen Cowboy HQ, 20 Brickfield rd, Woodstock

Sat 4 December – at the annual Kitchen Cowboys Weber Braai Challenge we will be judging the Mo’s and reporting back on how much cash we raised

We are also calling on all Kitchen Cowboys who have it within their power to donate items for our auction on the 30th to please give me a shout.

Grow the Mo
Raise the Dough


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Last Kitchen Cowboy Workshop of 2010

The time has come for the first Kitchen Cowboys Workshops in our new Brickfield Rd premises and our last of the year – apologies if we have been out of contact but putting together our new workshop took a little longer than expected. None the less it’s time to roll up those sleeves, sharpen knives, open bottles and fok voort!

The dates are as follows:

Oct – Tues 19th – Pasta

26th – Bread

Nov –Tues 2nd – Brunch

9th – Desserts

16th – Eastern

23rd – Braai

Each evening will begin at 18h00 and end at roughly 22h00 give or take a bottle or two. All you will need is a keen sense of adventure, a sharp sense of humour and a desire to consume all manner of fabulous produce both solid & liquid. All ingredients & fermented beverage will be provided as well as an apron, a recipe book and any other study aids required.

The address where all of the fun and action will take place is 20-22 Brickfield Rd, Woodstock, Tel : 021 448 2433

The cost of the 6 workshops is R4000 all inclusive. Bookings are done on a first come first serve basis and you can secure your booking by EFT – payments to be made to:

Kitchen Cowboys

ABSA Sea Point

Acc nr.: 40 62 95 36 21

Branch Code.: 63 03 09

May the sauce be with you


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